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Bit-Click saves me time by having quick access to the Bits I need while building and repairing bikes in my shop.  I wear the Bit-Click one on each side providing me up to 16 bits to choose from at any time and I no longer spend time trying to remember where I was when I used the bit last.
As a facility manager in the Health and Wellness Industry a member of my maintenance staff suggested the  Bit-Click to save Time and Money.  After calculating the savings for 3 maintenance members annually 
Bit-Click can save us 60 man hours per year and over $4,300 in time saving costs.  We could not be more satisfied.
I'm an HVAC Technician always working on systems that require all different size bits.  With the Bit-Click I don't dig at the bottom of the tool bag anymore, its always right there when I need it.  More importantly I spend less time running back and forth to the truck tossing it upside down only to find out the bits I was looking for are in yesterdays work pants at home.  For me it is 
Money well spent.
ABOUT Bit-Click
After rigorous testing and market research, 10 out of 10 industry professionals report they
would absolutely use Bit-Click™ as it would save both time and money in multiple ways. 
Bits remain secure, clean, and dry, preventing any damage or rust on top of preventing loss. 
Best of all, Bit-Click products are 100% American designed for every contractor’s go-to tool 
for securing and carrying their drill driver bits.

"Money is a by-product of doing something good in the world!"
- Michael Di Monte (Inventor of Bit-Click)

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