NEW!  Generation Ⅱ Bit-Click™

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  • 15 Apr, 2016

Bit-Click Generation II is set to release within the next 90 days.


Generation Ⅱ Bit-Click™

Bit-Click Prototype Generation Ⅱ - set for tooling & production within the next 90 days.The New design provides a storage solution using the original In-Tite secure and watertight protection with the added carrying capacity of up to 18 Drill Driver Bits

Bit-Click Updates

By mike 10 May, 2016

Cream   Ridge, NJ – May 10, 2016    In an announcement that seems to suggest “it’s all about Bit-Click Generation II ,” the Bit-Click  company – the innovators behind the ingenious solution for storing impact, driver and drill bits in one central location – is boasting impressive statistical numbers regarding growth, investment interests and purchase orders.

This includes Bit-Click  securing over $1.5 million in private investments, the Generation II  product completing its first run and distribution of 25,000 orders,   online   growth ballooning to just over 5000-percent compared to the month of March and   online   integration rising more than 20,000-percent compared to the beginning of the year.

Starting with its investment news, Bit-Click  has secured over $1.5 million in private investments in exchange for 17-percent in Standby Equity Distribution Agreements;  in corporate finance, a SEDA  is a type of share allocation agreement between a company and a share purchaser and a form of private placement. “A  SEDA offers a relatively flexible way of raising capital, allowing companies to further customize their approach to capital and risk management,”  explains Michael Di Monte, inventor of Bit-Click . “In a sense , SEDA is similar to a line of credit extended by a lender, except that the financing is done through equity.”

Bit-Click  also completed its first run of the Generation II  product, shipping some 25,000 purchase orders to anxiously-waiting customers despite minor setbacks regarding the photo-luminescent material, which was handled quickly and expertly by Bit-Click  representatives. “The slight manufacturing error was immediately resolved, and we have added an additional quality control measure that tests the parts immediately after production and prior to packaging and shipping,”  adds Di Monte. “We ensured customers that this wouldn’t happen again, and we have since heard from wholesale chain and retail representatives who have been extremely satisfied with the  Bit-Click Generation II, as well as with the way we handled the ‘glow-in-the-dark mishap.’”

In additional Bit-Click  news, the company’s   online   growth has risen just over 5000-percent compared to the month of March – a substantial number compared to many other tool-making entities, according to Bit-Click  reps – while   online   integration has risen more than a whopping 20,000-percent compared to the beginning of the year. Bit-Click  is also in the midst of positioning itself in the industry as an asymmetrical organization, and within the next month majority shareholder Mike Di Monte will elect and appoint additional board members to commence and continue the quarterly   financials   to the company’s shareholders, while beginning the process of SEC  filings.

“Under the  Securities Act of 1933, a company that offers or sells its securities must register the securities with the  SEC   or find an exemption from the registration requirements,”  concludes Di Monte. “The Act provides companies with a number of exemptions, and for some of them a company may sell its securities to what are known as ‘accredited investors,’ defined in  Rule 501 of  Regulation D.

"But regardless of these specifics,  Bit-Click Generation II continues to make life easier for the user by offering a system in which bits are easily inserted and removed from our unique In- Tite   slots, thus keeping them totally secure, while adding the convenience of 18 drill driver bit capacity to increase productivity.”

Bit-Click  can be reached by emailing For more information visit www .  

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By mike 22 Apr, 2016

PRESS RELEASE   APR 22, 2016 14:16 EDT

Cream Ridge, NJ, April 22, 2016 - Dubbed the perfect solution for storing impact, driver and drill bits by industry professionals, Bit-Click boasts a clever design which keeps bits completely secure, dry, clean and in one central location.

The New Jersey-based company behind the innovative Bit-Click recently announced, in the wake of formidable success with the first generation of product, its Prototype Generation II, set for tooling and production within the next 90 days.

The new design of Generation II provides a storage solution using the original In-Tite secure and watertight protection with the added carrying capacity of up to 18 drill driver bits. Bit-Click company representatives have been ecstatic about the launch of Generation II, continuing to cite the ways the new product will save both time and money for industry pros.

“Building on the strengths of the original Bit-Click, Generation II will continue to offer a system in which bits are easily inserted and removed from the In-Tite slots, thus keeping them totally secure,” states Michael Di Monte, inventor of Bit-Click. “Adding the convenience of 18 drill driver bit capacity will increase productivity, decrease time and just make life easier for the user.”

Bit-Click will continue to update its website and social media pages as Generation II nears launch. For more information, visit:

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By mike 15 Apr, 2016


Generation Ⅱ Bit-Click™

Bit-Click Prototype Generation Ⅱ - set for tooling & production within the next 90 days.The New design provides a storage solution using the original In-Tite secure and watertight protection with the added carrying capacity of up to 18 Drill Driver Bits

By mike 11 Apr, 2016

Cream Ridge, NJ – April 10, 2016    Based in Cream Ridge, New Jersey and dedicated to helping industry professionals save time and money in a myriad of ways,  Bit-Click  is a 100-percent American manufacturer of a solution that ensures impact, driver and drill bits remain secure, clean and dry while preventing damage such as rust.

The company recently – and proudly – announced steady retail sales and reorders based on the first month of distribution reports, while also indicating growth by way of expanding sales offerings and distribution into ten additional countries. The advertisements in these other countries has prompted a massive movement of facebook page "Likes" 800 in just the past few days and the company expects this trend to continue to grow. Bit-Click will soon be offering similar contests nationwide for purchases here in the U.S. in the months ahead.

Bit-Click ’s board of directors, including majority shareholder and company founder Michael Di Monte, appointed Changi Wu Law Offices  of Edison, New Jersey as US Intellectual Property legal counsel, taking into consideration Mr. Wu’s degrees in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

“It made perfect sense to appoint an expert attorney such as Changi Wu, as legal counsel”  states Di Monte.  “In graduating from the respected  Rutgers School of Law  with the honor of the  American Bar Association/BNA Award for Excellence – Intellectual Property Law, Changi Wu has assisted clients on the matters regarding patent applications, patent litigation, trademark registrations, copyrights and business registrations, equating to a natural fit as our US Intellectual Property legal counsel.”

Impact, driver and drill bits are easily lost, costing both time and money, and  Bit-Click  has proven to be the perfect solution for home use as well as for industry professionals. The clever design of the product provides an attachment loop that converts from containing and storing to a wear-and-carry solution, keeping  Bit-Click  ultra-accessible. The product hanger provides for multi-clip assess ability and uses technology to secure bits in a water-tight manner. 

All information pertaining to  Bit-Click can be obtained by visiting  or emailing

By mike 01 Mar, 2016

Bit-Click, the New Jersey-based manufacturer of an innovative drill bit storage solution, announced that it has completed distribution of its product to over 2,000 stores nationwide. Bit-Click completed production at their Michigan facility located at 2885 Sanford Ave., SW Grandville MI. The Bit-Click commercial will air in those areas where distribution has taken place including the store location where consumers can purchase the Bit-Click product in their local area. This news comes in the wake of 10 out of 10 industry professionals reporting that, after rigorous testing and market research, they would “absolutely use Bit-Click” as it would save both time and money in multiple ways.

As a 100-percent American-made product, Bit-Click’s solution ensures bits remain secure, clean and dry while also preventing any damage or rust in addition to preventing loss.

“We are confident that Bit-Click will soon become every contractor’s go-to tool for securing and carrying their drill driver bits,” says Michael Di Monte, inventor of Bit-Click. “Now that we’ve secured distribution to over 2,000 stores across America, we can confirm our dedication to increasing American jobs while decreasing unnecessary costs and time within the industry we serve. As a good example of this, we recently had a facility manager in the Health and Wellness industry tell us that after calculating the savings for three maintenance members annually, Bit-Click can save her 60 man hours per year and over $4,300 in time savings costs; it’s comments like these that drive us to continually work toward the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.”

Bit-Click clips to any work pants with belt straps, and utilize In-Tite technology to ensure bits do not fall out while remaining dry and clean. The In-Tite slots boast impact drivers and quick connect capability, guaranteeing that they insert and remove smoothly, and all are constructed of durable high-impact material that is virtually indestructible. Further, Bit-Click clips are backed with a limited lifetime replacement warranty.

“I have always believed that money is a byproduct of doing something good in the world,” concludes Di Monte. “Indeed, it’s customer and industry satisfaction that drives the Bit-Click operation and that’s our do good’ promise to everyone we serve.”

For more information visit   or email

By mike 04 Feb, 2016

Cream Ridge, NJ, February 4, 2016 - ​Bit-Click™ is approaching the final two weeks of production making the only product for contractors nationwide who demand the Impact Driver Bit Secure & Carry tool. “Our production team inGrandville, Michigan is pushing the boundaries to ensure only the finest quality product is resulted and our top quality control and engineering minds are making it happen even with the fierce cold weather and snow with still more to come” mentioned Mike DiMonte Bit-Click inventor and majority shareholder. Bit-Click is in a race against time to be set to fulfill Purchase Orders of 190,000 Bit-Click’s totaling over $1.3 Million in gross revenue to be distributed to Major Hardware Construction Retailers and Wholesalers Nationwide by Feburary 19th, 2016.

Bit-Click is rapidly expanding operations and despite the growth its board of directors is not one to cut corners “everything down to the last detail must be perfect” Mike reported at the latest production meeting on Tuesday. Mike is confident the Anti-Theft packaging he approved will meet his largest retail chain clients security needs without compromising that Wow look and feel of Bit-Click when contractors are browsing the store. Secure packaging lends piece of mind to store managers equating to less time watching for disappearing inventory and more time to focus on customer and business needs.

Conquering the challenge of product movement within the packaging was also “imperative to reduce after sales claims” Mike said and when asked about being certain of covering all the bases he continued “implementation of Anti-Movement packaging was an absolute must as it is important to not only ensure that separate parts do not rub against each other as that can cause a used look but also to guarantee spatial layout for visual consistency.” Unlike many other tool makers Bit-Click is financially invested in its Manufacturing, Production and Distribution supply chain as part of its vertical integration business model.

Today Bit-Click has just over 55% of their target purchase order fulfilment complete, that’s more than 105,000 Bit-Clicks packaged and ready. Mike is confident that at the current pace and operation flow, Bit-Click is still on track for ahead of schedule completion and Mike agrees it’s a very good thing since mother nature doesn’t always cooperate.  

At the end of January 2016, Bit-Click Inventor Mike DiMonte filed additional patent application No. 14995209 granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Mike describes patents as a critical element of the innovation business and when asked if he was concerned about somebody claiming the idea here is what he replied “it is not so much about the product idea as much as it is the infinite applications it can serve.” As a business expert and having also studied at the University of Phoenix, Mike explains that the product is a result of a sound innovation of application that is limitless and he referenced In-Tite™ another claim of the patent “In-Tite can be used in hundreds or even thousands of industries nationwide and a company interested in using In-Tite in their products marks the beginning of a negotiation for a license agreement.” Added Mike during the update briefing.

There is more than a little Bit-Click buzz going on as Bit-Click’s online videos have received more than 42,000 views in just the past two weeks, that’s 3,000 daily average. Production is flowing at optimum performance levels to ensure Hardware Construction Retail and Wholesale Chain clients receive swift delivery of Bit-Click purchase orders in Wow Presentation Packaging. Bit-Click Inventor and CEO Mike DiMonte marks another accomplishmentfiling an additional patent application in effort to reinforce the Bit-Click future for decades to come.

Get ready America Bit-Click will be available in your town soon!

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