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Key Features Bit-Click Screwdriver Drill Bit Organizer Carry Universal

Feature BOXES, CASES Drill bits neat organized compact easy carry holder. BIT FAST smart full access all impact, driver, bits. LONG-LASTING, PRACTICAL

Bit, Click, Key Feature, BOXES, BULKY CASES, drill bits, neatly, organized, compact, easy, carry, holder, CHOOSE, BIT FAST, smart, Bit-Click, full access, all bits, impact, driver, PROTECT, EQUIPMENT. STRONG, LONG-LASTING. PRACTICAL
Key Features

• NO MORE BOXES AND BULKY CASES: Keep your drill bits neatly organized in this wonderful, compact and easy to carry holder. Its cleverly designed attachment loop will allow you to take a step further and convert from simply storing your drill bits to a complete wear and carry organizer. An essential helper to every professional.

• CHOOSE ANY BIT YOU WANT FAST AND EASILY: As this smart Bit-Click Generation II organizer offers you full access to all bits. Its ability to store up to 18 impact, driver and drill bits makes this set the safest storage and carrying option. 

• PROTECT YOUR EQUIPMENT: This drill bit holder will keep your gear clean, dry and protected as its water tight seal will keep away dirt, rain, or whatever else may damage your drill bits.

• STRONG AND LONG-LASTING: This smart drill bit carrier is made of high tear strength impact resistant silicone, specially designed to be used under harsh conditions.

• SMART AND PRACTICAL: Our drill bit organizer is a patent pending utility, designed from professionals who want to make the lives of everyone who uses power tools a little bit easier.  

Impact Driver Bit case organizer
Bit Tip case organizer
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